Smile More Often

A really simple way to make a big difference to your smile and youthfulness is by making your smile brighter and whiter. It can be a real boon to one’s confidence to know that their smile simply looks good.

So why not make it a point to get those teeth looking great and smile more often? Smiling frequently has a direct physical impact on our body’s endorphin levels. It’s our most natural kick!

Our Process

A pearly white smile presents beautifully and is easier to achieve than you think. While a lot of promises are made by over the counter pharmaceutical products and branded toothpastes, these items may contain abrasive components and involve long periods of application to see any noticeable results.

At Nepean Dental Sedation, we have handled teeth whitening procedures for decades, seeing through new innovations at each turn. We know what works best and protects your dental health for the long haul.

Today, we present two effective procedures to our patients depending on what suits them best – an in-practice procedure that will have you walking out our door in up to 2 hours flashing a brilliant smile, or a take home kit that produces very similar results within 14 days.