Our Practice

Before all else, patient needs and comfort are paramount at Nepean Dental Sedation. We are here to help dentists provide their patients with optimal functionality and dental health, by providing a pain and stress-free dental experience for the patient.

Sufficient time is always arranged for appointments. We believe it is important that patients are afforded every opportunity to openly express their history and goals from their first consultation onwards.

Located in a beautiful house in Penrith, our surgery is blessed with wide windows lined with greenery from our garden. Inside, we have purposefully designed our consulting rooms to be spacious and unimposing. We strive to create an atmosphere that is inviting, yet professional.

Our History

Providing a stress-free experience with dentistry runs through the heart of our practice. It is something our team has crafted together over time, with each of our clinical and operational team members having worked together for many years.

At Nepean Dental Sedation, we choose to practice together because our values, passion for excellent patient outcomes and gift for supporting anyone who experiences dental phobia are unanimously shared and held in equal weight. We have worked through all the developments in pain-free dentistry as they’ve emerged.

We use our professional tools, shared mindset, and ability to have a laugh together to create the stress-free environment all patients ought to have when they walk through our practice doors, or those of their treating dentist.