Afraid of the dentist?

Did you know as many as one-half of the general population have some hesitation or fear about visiting a dentist? Certainly, every patient has a genuine basis for their concerns. Past negative experiences are often an underlying cause for such feelings which can be hard to overcome. Subsequently, patients may not attend scheduled appointments with their dentist for regular maintenance and care, let alone seek treatment for any dental concerns.

Unfortunately, prolonged periods of time between dentist appointments can allow small problems like cavities and gum disease the chance to get worse, and the progression of these dental problems can also increase the likelihood for discomfort and pain in the future.

The team at Nepean Dental Sedation encourage any person experiencing dental anxiety to discuss their concerns with their treating dentist, as advancements in pain-free dentistry mean that all dental procedures can now be provided under pain-free dental sedation. Your treating dentist can contact us to organise pain-free dental sedation for you.

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Advancements in Pain-Free Dentistry

Advancements in pain-free dentistry coupled with the dentists’ own level of expertise and a positive attitude towards patient care mean that all dental procedures can now be provided under pain-free sedation. Dr Mercieca is a dentist who has specialised in dental sedation for over 25 years.

Dr Mercieca has worked with an extensive range of patients, including those experiencing physical and/or psychological barriers to dental work, patients who have a strong gag reflex, low pain threshold and extreme dental phobia.

Pain-free treatment methods available with Nepean Dental Sedation include:

  • IV sedation
  • General anaesthetic

The method recommended for each patient depends on the duration of the procedure, patient level of discomfort and/or anxiety with dental procedures, or simply upon request.

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