Preserve Your Bite & Smile

Throughout our lives, we will experience times when small holes start to appear in our teeth. Left untreated, those holes can progress affecting more and more structural layers of the tooth, eventually causing quite a lot of ouch!

By treating dental cavities quickly, you can avoid pain and preserve your bite and smile.

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We colour match fillings to your teeth, so nothing looks unnatural when you smile or talk. Over time, you’re also likely to forget which particular tooth you had a filling done in, as they just look so natural.

Use of High Quality Materials

Fillings can be applied to cavities that range in size and coloured to look just like your teeth. So, if you think you might have a large hole in one or more of your teeth, don’t despair – just act!

At Nepean Dental Sedation, we use a wide range of high-quality materials from composites through to porcelain to ensure patients have longer-lasting, durable fillings. We don’t do old-fashioned, black mercury fillings.