Oral Health Professionals

Do your need to immediately repair your dentures or get replacement dentures? Have you just lost a tooth and need to get an immediate single tooth denture to fill that gap before an important meeting tomorrow? Having implants done and a need temporary to hide gaps while healing?

There’s no need for you to be stuck in a smile-emergency, or ever! If you wear dentures or are considering dentures to improve your smile and bite, you are welcome to organise a direct appointment with Nepean Dental Sedation, Dental Prosthetist & Senior Dental Technician, Alexander Petratos.

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Patients who have dentures would be familiar with going via a dentist to get a referral to a dental prosthetist. Dental Prosthetists are experienced oral health professionals with extensive training who are registered with AHPRA to consult directly with patients. With Alexander’s experience at hand at Nepean Dental Sedation, our patients have access to a professional who can assess and offer wide-ranging denture options to patients up to a premium level.

Options for denture work include:


Acrylic Flipper Tooth for single tooth loss

Temporary dentures with a flexible acrylic plate

Acrylic base plate partial dentures

Non-toxic, biocompatible TCS Flexible partial dentures

High durability Chrome-Cobalt Alloy partial dentures

Full upper denture with a strong lightweight palate plate

Full and partial implant retained permanent dentures

Clip-on/clip-off implant supported overdentures

Copy dentures (designed to replace existing dentures)

Lifelike Appearance with Dentures

There are many factors involved with dental prosthetics, such as their cost, stability, fit, longevity, care, capacity for future modifications and perhaps, above all, the effect they are going to have on your smile. Unique techniques can contribute to a lifelike appearance with dentures.

Denture characterisation, as one example, ensures that the contouring, shape and colour of denture bases appear realistic to the inside of mouths. For something that will directly your quality of life, we always aim to provide you with a complete picture of what your dentures can help you achieve.