Dentist Implants our best efforts, sometimes we experience significant decay, injury or tooth loss which impacts us emotionally and our bite functionally.

Seamless Joinery

Dental implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or a full mouth of teeth. They can also be used by patients who already have partial dentures once other natural teeth lose their stability.

These days the advancements in Dentist Implants are so great, that in cases where multiple teeth need to be replaced, a person can opt for either multiple individual implants, one or more implants used to attach partial dentures, or a full and effective implant located overdenture system popularly known as the “All on 4”.

Options for overdenture systems include removable or fixed as per your liking and to suite your oral hygiene care routine.

Why Dentist Implants?

The durability, comfort and ability of implants to be colour matched to your existing teeth brings with it so many advantages, that it is a highly sought after procedure and a must have for anyone who wants to preserve their smile and oral condition.

Long Lasting

Dentist implants and overdenture systems are the longest lasting solutions to missing teeth available today.

High Quality

We use high-grade, gold standard implants that with good care can last a lifetime.

No Worn Down

They feel just like any other tooth and unlike certain prosthetic systems, like bridges, do not require other teeth to be worn down for a fit to take place.

Our Installation Process

In place of a missing tooth or once an extraction has healed, the typical process starts by installing a titanium rod into a person’s tooth socket under a purposefully designed setting controlling the risk of infection during the procedure. While the rod is inserted, a cap is placed over the top and at the gum line to protect the area further. This work can naturally be done under sedation or with other pain-free measures to maximise comfort or ease anxiety.

Over a period of 6 to 12 weeks, while healing, the bone in the jaw fuses to the rod making it a permanent and secure fixture. The cap is then removed and a small post that connects to the new tooth is installed. Finally, the replacement tooth or crown is fitted and life goes on as normal.

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Dr Mercieca and Alexander Petratos have worked together for a number of years, creating implants of the finest quality and attention to detail. Their work is supported by using optimal 3D imaging of a patient’s dentition, moulds and photos to ensure a precise fit of the implant, as well as to assess colour matching from the base to the top of each replacement tooth. They are a highly experienced and qualified duo that will have you smiling and eating with confidence in hardly any time at a