Best Protection to The Mouth

Definitely worth the effort, custom-made mouthguards offer the best protection to the mouths of athletes young and old on the sports field or in the boxing ring.

As custom-made mouthguards are fabricated over a model of the athlete’s teeth using a lightweight thermoplastic material, the finished product grips exactly to the mouth. This simple device helps prevent damage to teeth and significantly lowers the risk of fracturing jaws.

One thing is for sure, there are different features and qualities custom-made mouthguards can achieve depending on the materials used and the manufacturing process.

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Some mouthguards have the ability to adapt to a person’s mouth more quickly and with better suction than others due to the layering of the materials used. These days there are home-kit based mouthguard services that sell themselves on the basis of being cheaper and with limited or no consultations with a dentist involved.

However, just like any other dental procedure, there is valuable information to be gained from consulting with a Dental Technician about mouthguards as certain types can lose their shape within a matter of weeks or from a material which may affect breathing and speaking while worn.  Also, there are various looks to choose from with custom-made mouthguards, so why wouldn’t you want to see your options firsthand so you can pick out a style that suites your game personality.

Mouthguards For All

Not only for athletes, but by using different materials, custom-made mouthguards are mostly needed in general dentistry to treat patients who grind their teeth during sleep. When people grind their teeth at night they may not realise the effect this unconscious behaviour can have to their teeth within a relatively short span of time.

Not only to teeth, but in severe cases, a person can wake up from sleep with a locked jaw from over-stressed facial muscles not releasing. Sometimes wearing a mouthguard can treat these problems entirely, eventually doing away with this bedtime accessory.