Seamless Joinery

If you’ve ever had a bad crack in a tooth or lost a part of one, instead of removing that tooth or forever trying to “refill” it with a filling, a better longer term option is a crown.

A crown is effectively a “cap” for your tooth that is seamlessly joined with the existing tooth structure to look identical to the original tooth.

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A deep clean of your teeth involves removing any plaque or tartar build-up from your teeth, as well as polishing over rough spots or fortifying your teeth with fluoride, as needed. If you want to go beyond the clean and give the appearance of your teeth a lift, let our Practice Managers know in advance so a longer appointment can be arranged.

Effective Smile Makeover

Crowns are certainly the way to go for an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful smile that looks natural. For anyone who is currently covering up that broken down tooth every time they laugh, placing a crown on that tooth will effectively translate into a smile makeover.

At Nepean Dental Sedation we seek accuracy with our crowns, using a 3D scanner to examine the depth and shape the crown needs to be to sit perfectly in your bite. We only use metal and mercury-free materials for our crowns, to ensure patients long term safety and well-being.